Naikan is a structured method of meditation that challenges the life story we live in.
We all carry a story of who we are, and often that story is dominated by the hurts we have received and the injustices that have occurred to us. This preoccupation with what has been lacking or wrong gives us a distorted and partial understanding of our life. The method of Naikan is a simple one of examining our life and relationships with an emphasis on the support we have received and the difficulties we have caused others. The effect is often profound: practitioners often report that they experience a new appreciation of others, a profound sense of interconnectedness, deep gratitude and new possibilities for repairing damaged relationships.

What participants say:

"I was stunned that I could get so much out of one day! I've been preoccupied with a difficult relationship with a coworker and angry that she was not willing or able to see my perspective. Through Naikan practice I suddenly saw the relationship from her perspective and realized how difficult I have been to work with. I saw my own shadow. And then, I saw how this same shadow quality has effected my marriage and my relationship to my son. It was not pretty and not easy but I am tremendeously grateful for the insight - and for all the people who have supported me despite myself!"
Sue D.

"Naikan is not a practice of ‘putting it all down’ but rather one of ‘picking it all up’ and reexamining this life we are given in minute detail. Naikan kept me focused on the facts of my life from how I have been benefitted, to how I have been of benefit, and to how I have caused harm. It was not easy to ignore my endless story lines of how I have been harmed, nor easy to glimpse my self-righteousness, entitlement, greed, hatred and ignorance. But seeing how the world has held me up, supported me and cared for me despite my karma and my story lines may allow me to ‘put all those story lines down’. That is my hope. …………I can guarantee you that this experience will be an amazing contribution to your inquiry into this human life we are given."
Cara Geary

During the Naikan day, each person practices their meditation individually and in silence. There is no dogma to believe or outside knowledge to learn. Naikan is about reviewing your own life, perhaps in a new light, and you will make your own discoveries. You will receive guidelines for individual reflection and the opportunity to share your reflections with the Naikan guide two or three times during the day.The day will conclude with a sharing circle, a time to answer questions and to reflect together about how to carry this practice into our daily life.

Spaces are limited, registration is required. Cost for the day is $75. A beautiful and delicious vegetarian lunch is served and enjoyed as part of the practice.
For further information and to register, contact Jigetsu Osho.



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